Meet Hannah

After college, I followed suit (literally), stepped into the business world, and opened my first financial advising office under a nationwide firm.

I have always been entrepreneurial at heart. In fact, I built my first business by going door-to-door in my community. That leap of faith was likely inspired by my mom, who owned and operated a coffee shop while raising and supporting 5 kids (yes, she is a superwoman). 

I started to climb the corporate ladder and had the opportunity to work with countless individuals and couples on their wealth building journeys. And although that success was incredibly rewarding, I felt like something was missing - my own business.

Now as a business owner, I get to help other female entrepreneurs and small business owners develop a wealth strategy to achieve their dreams for the future, and it's the most rewarding work I will ever do.

About Me

I am a mama to a sweet redheaded baby girl, Peyton, and a wife to my high-school sweet heart, Alec. We have a black lab, Deuce, who has been in our family for over a decade. We love to spend time outside, cook fancy breakfasts, and boat on our lake in the summertime. In my free time, I love working out at F45, making sourdough, going to hot yoga, and attending country music concerts.

My Story

Growing up I dreamed of a life in corporate America. That dream was inspired by my dad. Every Monday morning he left the house dressed in a suit and tie, briefcase in hand, to jet off to a new city for business meetings.

If you asked me then, I couldn’t tell you exactly what he did, but I knew it had to be something important. And from then on, I knew I wanted to do something important, too. 

At The Wealth Collaborative, I partner with individuals like you to help you uncover the true meaning behind the money you make and how you can align it with your lifestyle and desires for the future. Because managing your money, not making more money, is the secret to building wealth.

My role as a Wealth Advisor is to come alongside you on your journey by listening and understanding your biggest fears, frustrations, desires, and dreams when it comes to money. 

Developing trust with you is my main priority and I do so by providing you with the appropriate advice and guidance for your situation, but ultimately keeping you in the driver’s seat when it comes time to make decisions.

You should feel empowered to make financial decisions that feel good to you. There are a million ways to build wealth. But there’s no one recipe for success.

Money is always taught as an equation, where data and formulas tell us exactly what we should do. But in the real world, no one makes financial decisions solely based on spreadsheet projections. 

The truth is, money is emotional. We all make decisions based on how we feel.

So the best financial strategy is the one that you can stick with. In good times and in bad. 

If your gut is telling you that you’ve made a mistake or you’re headed in the wrong direction, you’ll be less likely to stay the course, which could lead to making an emotional decision for potentially the wrong reasons. 

By partnering together you will be certain that you can make informed decisions that feel in alignment with your values. 

You can rest assured knowing that you have been guided by a trusted professional that has your best interests at heart.

About TWC

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Wealth Strategy


A big part of your financial plan is investing for your future. Investing your money gives it the opportunity to work as hard as you do. We curate a customized portfolio of investments that are in alignment with your goals, your dreams, and your desires for the future, so you can rest easy knowing the future of your wealth is on track.

Creating a financial plan does not have to be overwhelming. Together we will work through every detail of your personal wealth strategy one step at a time, so that you can make informed decisions on what to do with your money knowing that each step takes you closer to living your dream life.

Investment Management